Fall, 2012
an enigmatic,Japanese sub-culture toyshop opened in Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Its name is TOYBANG.
Toys manifesting the essence of Japanese sub-culture grace the store; novel anime figures and events are continually released and announced.
People scramble into TOYBANG with great fervor and aspire... that Kowloon is to be the new birthplace of Asian sub-culture.
However, this was all one single girl's conspiracy...!
Her name is TOY-KO TOYBAN - a mad scientist and a devout fan of Japanese otaku culture.
Take the 45-minute ride on the Super Express from the otaku hub, Akihabara - you'll find her research room in the corner of the prestigious, scientific research institution, Tsukuba Science City.
Research of otaku information, as well as product development, take place in the depth of her research chamber.
This is also where she conspires...
Her endeavors are all for conquering the world by winning the hearts of people with Japan's otaku culture.
It turns out that TOYBANG! is a starting point for this plot.
Today, too, TOY-KO's servants explore Akihabara and the Internet, and fly to Kowloon.
TOYBANG! is now ready to invade the world!!!
TOY BANG! is a TOY SHOP!,straight from Japan,providing high-quality OTAKU / KAWAII /COOL goods such as figures and products of Japanese animeation / awesome contents.
A mad scientist who plots to conquer the world's popular culture with Japanese subculture. She is sort of like the don of a villainous organization.

A professor at the Tsukuba Science City, connected to the stronghold of otaku culture, Akihabara, by a direct metro. Has a hideout in the basement of her research room, where she exploits students and mechanics to collect information for devising strategies for world invasion.

She is arrogant and calculative, but she is fanatic about Japanese otaku culture. She gets too passionate when commenting on it, and often does not make sense.

She is a weirdo and is always hyper. She is sort of like Keroro Gunso, but more diligent.

She is crueler, but cuter than Abby from NCIS, an American TV drama series.
She speaks with a lot of sound effects taken from the Jojo series (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure series) and other Japanese manga and anime, mimesis, as well as famous and weird quotes.

■Likes and Interests

Likes: Anything cute
BL (Boy's Love; homosexuality)
Bread with rice seasoning on it
BoA Juice
Other junk food and snack in general

Dislikes: Mascots.

Other hobbies: Making ita doll houses (ita=intensely decorated with anime images that a particular otaku likes).

■Manner of Speech, Personality

Pompous and heedless; often orates.
Uses inversions and cuts her sentences with conjunctions. Tries to make an impact and leave an impression on others.
On the other hand, remarks and comments on her subordinates are short, but also accurate.
Self-important and presumptuous; thinks she's the smartest of all.
Tends to think that whatever she cannot understand are all false.
Her cocky character is to be portrayed so that it is comedic.
A female student and otaku of American comics. One of Toiko's servants.
She cosplays into something like a mixture of American comics.
She's in charge of browsing the internet and collecting information.

She is one of the most gifted students at Tsukuba, studying her field, biochemistry, while mastering Jeet Kune Do. She hides her otaku-ness, however.
TOY-KO happens to discover Miss Marvel's otaku character, and forces her to become her servant by threatening that she would disclose her secret on the school's notice board.

She is a hardcore fujoshi (a girl interested in BL) at heart, and if you question her it is evident that she was into comics like Kyo Kara Maoh!, Gundam Speed, and Legend of the Galactic Heroes in the past. Now, she is into American anime movies that could satisfy her otaku nature and also hide it from the public.

She looks serene but she is actually aggressive (nikushokukei, or literally, carnivorous) and fidgety.
She is despaired by her current situation - that she is exploited by TOY-KO - and badmouths about it to her colleague Deep Throat, who seems to accept and take in his own situation.

■Likes and Interests

Likes: Butlers in general

Robert Downey Jr. (RDJ)
Benedict Cumberbatch

Tarts from Qu'il fait bon

Favorite films of RDJ: Not Iron Man or Sherlock Holmes, but Zodiac (particularly when he locks himself up in the boat house).

Dislikes: Publicly open otaku

Other hobbies: Hatsune Miku(she even makes her own songs)
visual-kei rock bands (style similar to heavy metal, and performers wearing intense makeup).

■Manner of speech, personality

Born into a good family; speaks femininely and politely.
She masks her haughtiness with affable behavior. Her criticism when she gets annoyed is as sharp as TOY-KO, but she is weak in receiving and handling them.
An otaku graduate student, unable to graduate. He's reaching his middle age.
He wears a trench coat, a hat in a way that almost covers his eyes, and a mask like a Robotto Keiji.
He is a hardcore otaku, who is not only into contemporary otaku culture, but also knowledgeable of its history. He's plump. He is in charge of organizing various events, mainly in Akihabara and Nihombashi.
His life seems to be getting nowhere, working on Riemann Hypothesis and other unsolved mathematical issues at the mathematics department (or physics department) as a grad student. He was forced to become TOY-KO's servant for her recommendation letter for his Ph.D essay.
However, he is laid-back and easygoing. He seems to enjoy his otaku duty at TOY-KO's, which apparently helps him to refresh from difficult mathematical research.
He is also a military otaku, and therefore seems to enjoy being part of TOY-KO's conspiracy.
He is in his late 20s, but prides himself as a "intellectual otaku," and markets himself as a mature, wise old guy who is well-acquainted with otaku history.
Miss Marvel thinks he's a little gross.

■Likes and Interests

Likes: Anime from the 70-80s
Special Effects in general
Yamato 2199
Evangelion (the first TV broadcast version)
Hidamari Sukecchi
Shutage (trendy anime in general) Hatsune Miku
Momoiro Clover

Figures (of cute girls, or military ones) Model guns
Famichiki (fried chicken from Family Mart)
Kinoko no Yama (mushroom-shaped chocolate snack)
Dislikes: Beef, pork
Restaurant mascots
Concerns: How he gains weight although he only eats chicken among all kinds of meat.

■Manner of speech and Personality

When he is disguised as Deep Throat, he acts gentlemanly and talks like a hardboiled man. When he's wearing normal clothes…